Hanshi Jason David Frank

8th Degree Black Belt - Founder of Toso Kune Do

Hanshi Jason David Frank is an accomplished 8th degree black belt and an internationally recognized figure in the world of martial arts. His personal martial arts success story begins in 1978. At the age of 4, he began training at Red Dragon Karate under Shihan Louis D. Casamassa. This laid the foundation for his entire future. There, he learned the Codes of the Dragon, which he continues to pass down to his students today. Hanshi Frank earned his first degree black belt at the age of 12. After receiving black belt, he began instructing for Red Dragon. The training he continued to receive and the knowledge he gained from instructing others prepared him for the next step in his life. This step came at the age of 18 when he became owner of his own Red Dragon Karate, the same dojo he started at 14 years earlier. Shortly after this more good fortune would come his way. At the age of 19, Hanshi Frank was cast in one of the most popular children’s television series to be broadcasted: “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” During his 12-year run as “Tommy Oliver”, he starred in 3 seasons of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, “Power Rangers Turbo”, “Power Rangers Zeo”, and most recently “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”. Along with this came two feature films: “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and “Power Rangers Turbo”. Hanshi Frank was the longest running ranger in the series and to this day maintains a fan base that stretches around the world.

During his time filming the “Power Rangers” television series and the two “Power Rangers” movies, Hanshi Frank began to look at the different styles of martial arts. During his study of the styles he came to the conclusion that there was no single style that was the definitive martial art. In 1994 he created his own system called “Toso Kune Do”. It is a which its literal translation means “Way of the Fighting Fist”. There are aspects of many different martial arts incorporated into Toso Kune Do. From this time on, he began to open schools under the name of Toso Kune Do. In October of 1996, he was introduced to another successful martial artist who would become a lifelong friend: Kyoshi Rick Herbster. He went to visit Kyoshi Herbster at his Rising Sun Karate Academy in New Jersey on May of 1997. Shortly thereafter, RSKA Corp. was established.

Hanshi trained with some of the top martial artists in the world. This list is long and prestigious and includes names such as ShiHan Louis D. Casamassa, Sensei Chris Casamassa, Kyoshi Rick Herbster, Kyoshi Steve la Valle, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Stan Ward, and most recently with world-renowned Muay Thai trainer Grand Master Toddy. Under Grand Master Toddy, Hanshi Frank has established his full contact Muay Thai career.

Hanshi Frank has dedicated his life to the martial arts. Through the martial arts he has known the best things in his life and knows the impact that it can have on people’s lives. The desire of his heart is not only to continue to learn and grow in the art that has given him so much, but to share this with the world around him, so that they too may realize what martial arts is all about and what it can do for them.

  • 1994: Hall of Fame Award – American Karate Kung Fu Federation
  • 2000: Fastest Growing Karate School – Fast Track Award
  • 2000: Educational Funding Company – Program Direct Award – Rising Sun Karate Academy
  • 2001: Centurion Club Award
  • 2003: Master of the Year Award – World Karate Federation
  • 2004: Master of the Year for Free-Style Martial Arts – USA Martial Arts
  • 2005: Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics Master Appreciation Award
  • 2006: One of America’s Top 10 Karate Schools – Awarded by President Nick Cokinos – Educational Funding Company
  • 2007: Black Belt Hall of Fame Award – This award was given by Master Alan Goldberg in Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 2007: Black Belt Hall of Fame – Most Successful Industry Leader. This award was given by Doctor Jim Thomas, 10th Degree Black Belt