Sensei Haylee

1st Degree Black Belt

Sensei Haylee Pupo is a 1st Degree Black Belt trained in Toso Kune Do. She began her Martial Arts journey in 2013, entering the dojo as a friend of a fellow student. On her path to black belt, Sensei Haylee began assisting classes under the Leadership Program. In August of 2018, at age 12, she earned her Sho-ho Black Belt, and later her 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2019. She soon rose to the title of Sensei, and with that, began instructing and leading classes. As of 2022, Sensei Haylee is preparing to test for her 2nd Degree Black Belt while also getting ready for her senior year of high school. She has a fierce passion for teaching and working with various different styles, especially when it concerns nunchakus, and dreams of one day opening up her own school to further inspire and share her love of the martial arts with others.