Muay Thai

Hanshi Jason David Frank has earned the prestige title ” Kru ” which means Instructor. Thai boxing is one of the hottest sports around. At Rising Sun Karate Academy, we teach traditional Muay Thai or Thai style kickboxing. We teach Muay Thai in a wellrounded manner emphasizing mental focus and physical fitness. Our environment is non-competitive and perfect for the adult professional seeking focus and a super fit, super healthy body. This is a great program for those who want the incredible fitness benefits of kickboxing but who want something more than “fluffy” aerobic kickboxing. We teach real Muay Thai, Thanks to Master Toddy. This ensures safe training and efficient self-defense.


Rising Sun Karate is fully equipped and spacious, focused on providing a great environment for men and women who wish to participate in either competitive boxing, or for sport or recreational boxing and fitness. Without a doubt boxing is one of the most rewarding sport available, combining athleticism, physical and mental conditioning, and sportsmanship. Whether you just want to hit the heavy bag and jump rope or if you desire to step into the ring and take part in trained supervised light contact sparring, we will help you achieve any goals you wish to accomplish. Most people have a general impression that boxing is a rough and somewhat brutal sport. For that reason, many parents fear their children will become violent or get beat up. If improperly coached, supervised and equipped, then this generally can be true. Learning how to box at our studio will teach you the best in hand techniques as you develop self discipline and such confidence that you will carry for the rest of your life. All classes are taught by a highly certified boxer and are for students 12 years old and above.